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Terms and Conditions

1. Bookings and Payments (Bookings apply to retreats and events)

All contracts in respect of retreats or wellness events (yoga and meditation) are made with us. Your contract incorporates these Terms and Conditions and by making a booking with us you confirm your acceptance of them.

Full payment is due at the time of booking. The prices quoted include taxes, unless otherwise indicated. You are liable for any product importation charges e.g. books.

The price is the exact amount to be received by us, irrespective of fluctuations in currency and irrespective of any third party transfer charges. If you choose to pay by electronic transfer, please instruct your bank to charge all costs to you in order to avoid a shortfall in the amount that we receive.

Please follow carefully the booking details and instructions. We shall not be liable for your failure to do so.

The person who makes the booking is responsible for ensuring that these Terms and Conditions are drawn to the attention of every person on whose behalf he/she has made the booking.

When you make a booking you are confirming that you understand these Terms and Conditions. You are also responsible for ensuring the accuracy of all personal details and other information supplied in respect of yourself and your party, notifying us of any changes or cancellations and for receiving correspondence and keeping your party informed of any changes to your booking.

Your booking will be taken as confirmed in respect of all persons named on your booking request and a binding contract between us will come into existence once you have made full payment and we have also sent to you our Written Confirmation by email. We strongly recommend that you do not make any travel or other arrangements prior to receiving our formal confirmation that your requested date is available, as we cannot be held liable for any loss incurred.

Please check the Confirmation as soon as you receive it. Contact us immediately if any information which appears on the Confirmation appears incorrect or incomplete, as it may not be possible to make changes later.

We reserve the right to refuse a booking without giving any reason for such refusal.

2. Age / Gender

All genders are welcome. The minimum age of any participant is 16 unless otherwise agreed in writing at our discretion. There is no maximum age.

3. Food & Drink

On our retreats, our food is mainly vegetarian. It is your responsibility to let us know of any intolerances or allergies at the time of booking. We will do our best to accommodate non-vegetarian needs.

You are responsible for your own dietary health and you must bring any personal medication with you. We are not responsible for adverse reaction to ingredients that you consume.

4. Use of Mobile Phones and WiFi Devices

Retreats are designed for people to be quiet and reflective. Please be discrete when talking on your phone. Listening to music on headphones is permitted, but please monitor the volume of your device so that it will not be audible to other guests. Mobile phones and other WiFi devices should not be used at the dining table, around the pool, in the yoga studio or during group activities. This rule may be waived at the discretion of the leader of the activity. In order to maintain guest privacy and confidentiality, images of your fellow guests may not be taken, stored, nor shared digitally, unless their permission has been sought and approved.

5. Travel & Airport Transfers

All travel arrangements are your responsibility and at your own cost.

We shall not be held liable for any consequences arising from delays or cancellations in any of the companies you may have made arrangements with, or for any irregularities in your documentation required for travel.

As a courtesy, we may provide transportation to/from the retreat free of charge, however all such travel is at your own risk.

All other tax and transportation arrangements are between you and the service provider.

We strongly recommend that you do not make any travel or other arrangements prior to receiving our formal confirmation that your booking is confirmed, as we cannot be held liable for any loss incurred.

6. Travel & Health Insurance

We require that your travel insurance covers the activity of this retreat as well as unexpected cancellation, sickness, losses, and all the usual risks. You should bring the policy with you in the case of an emergency. We are not liable for any costs due to accidents or illness.

7. Your Medical Health / Pregnancy

If you have a medical condition, you MUST inform us BEFORE booking and provide a letter from your doctor confirming that it is safe for you to attend the retreat you are booking. In the interests of your well-being we may decline your booking.

It is your responsibility to consult a physician prior to and regarding your participation in the yoga classes and activities offered. At the time of booking and during your retreat or wellness events (yoga and meditation classes), you represent and warrant that you are physically fit and you have no medical condition, which would prevent your full participation in the retreat you have booked to join

Regardless, you alone are responsible for your health. We are not liable for any injuries you may incur. Yoga classes are undertaken at your own risk. We are not liable for any medical or psychiatric conditions which may develop during or subsequent to the retreat.

You must inform the teacher if there have been any changes in your medical / health condition which might affect your yoga practice.

You should understand that from time to time during yoga classes, the instructor may physically adjust students’ form and posture. If you do not want such physical adjustments, you should inform the instructor at each class. Furthermore, it is your responsibility to inform the instructor when an adjustment has gone as far as you desire.

We do not have doctors on-site. If an emergency arises we will do everything in our power to assist you but we are not responsible for the outcome of any such emergency.

Whilst all measures are taken to ensure a high standard of health and safety, we are situated in the countryside where the land is uneven and we shall not be responsible for any injuries caused by uneven terrain.

7.1 Pregnancy

Unless you have been a regular yoga practitioner for several years it is not advisable to practice yoga during the first trimester, particularly if there is any history of miscarriage. During the remainder of pregnancy, it is more suitable to attend pregnancy yoga classes. However, if you have been a regular yoga practitioner for several years and your internal muscles are used to yoga postures and if you have a letter from your doctor stating that it is safe for you to engage in the activities that we provide, then you can attend our retreats during your second and third trimester. Guidance from our yoga teacher must be observed

8. Cancellation by you

After receiving your payment we will send you a booking confirmation. By making the payment for the retreat reservation you accept the cancellation policy stated herein.

You (or any member of your party) may cancel your booking at any time, providing that the cancellation is made by the person submitting the booking form and is notified to us in writing. Cancellation will take effect the day such notification is received by us.

Please note that there will be no refunds or discounts for arriving late, leaving early, flight cancellations, travel delays or illness. If you cancel the retreat for any reason, the cancellation policy below will apply, with no exceptions. We wish we could compensate people for unforeseen circumstances (injury, family emergency, etc.), but we have costs already incurred when reserving the retreat. We have designed our cancellation policy to be as compassionate as possible in the case that your plans change. But to protect yourself further, we strongly encourage you to purchase travel insurance.

Cancellations up to 45 days before the start of a retreat will incur a 60% charge i.e. you will receive 40% back. This is to cover our costs and the risk of running the retreat without being able to fill the lost seat.

Cancellations within the 45 days before the start of the retreat are not refundable at all. However, if another person can be found to take your place, then we may offer you a partial refund at our discretion.

Refunds and returned payments are normally settled within 10 working days of the date of cancellation.

Once the retreat has begun, no refund or part refund or unused portion of the retreat will be repaid in the event of cancellation by you. Bookings are for the stated period of the retreat. There are no refunds for an unused portion of the retreat. If the reason for cancellation is covered under the terms of your Insurance Policy, you may be able to make a claim.

9. Amendments / Cancellation by us

Occasionally changes may have to be made (e.g., yoga teacher, class times or other arrangements) which we reserve the right to do at any time. If your accommodation has to be changed for any reason, we will do our utmost to provide accommodation of a similar rating. If a significant change becomes necessary, we will inform you as soon as reasonably possible if there is time before your departure.

We reserve the right in any circumstances to cancel a retreat, in which case we will offer a full refund of all monies paid within 10 working days.

We will make reasonable effort to accommodate all customers, but we reserve the right, at our discretion, to cancel your booking if we think that your behaviour is disrespectful or your attitude is deemed likely to upset staff and/or other guests.

In the event of cancellation by us, we will not be liable for any other costs incurred by you e.g. flights, loss of earnings etc.

10. Our liability to you

We accept responsibility for ensuring that the retreats are supplied as described and that the services we are contractually obliged to provide are to a reasonable standard.

We do not accept any liability for cancellations, delays or changes caused by war, the threat of war, terrorist actions or threats, closure of airports, civil strife, industrial action, natural disaster, technical problems to transport, staff cancellations, unforeseen changes in your personal circumstances or other events beyond our control.

We are not liable for any injuries you may incur. Yoga classes are undertaken at your own risk. We are not liable for any medical or psychiatric conditions which may develop during or subsequent to the retreat. Your health is your responsibility.

You must inform us of any medical conditions, allergies in writing BEFORE booking.

We reserve the right to amend or cancel activities at our absolute discretion where staff or guest safety is regarded as being at risk. This may happen for reasons including adverse weather conditions, health concerns that were not clearly identified at the time of booking, or fitness levels that are not appropriate for the activity.

We are not liable for loss of, or damage to, your personal property.

We are not responsible for the individual behaviour of any guest.

We are not liable for services that incur an extra cost, such as massage treatments or special dietary needs.

We accept no responsibility for the acts or omissions of our employees, agents and suppliers.

11. Lost, Stolen or Damaged Property

We will not be held responsible for any loss or theft of, or damage to personal possessions occurring whilst on a retreat. Whilst we will endeavour to ensure the security of guests’ personal possessions, it is not guaranteed.

Guests will be responsible for damage to accommodation and facilities that results in charges to us by the provider, where the damage has been caused by negligence.

12. Group Bookings

Where a booking is made on behalf of several individuals the booking is conditional on the person signing the booking form having authorisation from all the individuals named on the booking form to enter into this contract. If any member of the group can not come for any reason, the above cancellation policy applies (point 8).

13. Privacy and Data Protection

Please refer to the Privacy Policy. This is an integral part of these Terms and Conditions.

13.1 Photographs

We do take photographs on retreats and training. Acceptance of any of our services, means that you also allow us the right to use any photographs for marketing purposes and online. We will not personally identify participants without first requesting permission in writing. We will consider requests to not show personally identifiable photos, but we reserve the right to use any such photos, in any case.

14. Complaints

I value direct and honest feedback, If anything bothers you, please let me know. If you are being coached by me, you will already have my contact details. Any other persons, should use the contact form.

15. Disclaimer

In further consideration of being permitted to participate in the retreat activities, you knowingly, voluntarily and expressly waive any claim you may have against us and our suppliers/partners/instructors for injury or damages that you may sustain as a result of participating in these programmes.

16. Governing Law

We and the Guest, agree that the law applying to this Contract will be Swiss law and that we agree that the jurisdiction of the Canton of Vaud, Switzerland Courts shall apply in any dispute or claim arising out of this agreement.