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Einstein and Bindu

This article is taken from an article I penned for the booklet “Hiranyagarbha” that was published in 2009. Bindu is a Sanskrit word for “a point”. Mathematically speaking, a point has no size or dimension. It is “infinitely small”!

In the first half of the 20th century, Einstein formulated E=MC2. He proved that Matter (M) and Energy (E) are interchangeable.

Energy can be thought of as waves. Of the complete spectrum of wavelengths available in our universe, we are only able to see a very small visible subset of wavelengths. If one were to step outside the protective atmosphere of the Earth, one would literally get cooked in short wavelength radiations which we cannot see, but are lethal.

Matter is composed of atoms. Atoms are like solar systems. A tightly packed center of protons and neutrons are circled by very small and fast moving electrons. These electrons move so fast, that at any given instance, it is impossible to precisely map their position. Relative to their size the distance between the nucleus and its electrons is just vast empty space. So the next time you touch something, even your own body, consider that you are in fact just touching vast empty space. The resistance or touch you feel is due to the interaction of positive and negative charges.

Indeed all the matter around us is mostly empty space.

“C” is the speed of light. For normal functioning in this universe it is considered to be a constant value. You can think of “C” as time. For the most part it does not change its speed and therefore it is a measure of time.

So at every moment or instance, this whole universe is changing. It is vibrating or humming with energy and matter. Coalescing (Brahma), sustaining (Vishnu) and dissolving (Shiva) endlessly. In our own bodies, many of the particles that we were born with are no longer with us. We are made mostly of empty space that probably existed before the Galaxy came into being and a sprinkling of atoms that were created when the sun was born in a time that is too old for our minds to comprehend.

Against the backdrop of Gods’ creation, our ridiculously short material life of 120 years is nothing and everything. It’s nothing because in the ocean of time, it is not even registered as a drop, and yet it is everything, because it is enough of an opportunity for us to experience, to step back and transform into an enlightened state of being. We are so busy with ourselves: careers, family, vacations, hard ships, feeling sorry, remorseful or happy or even doing nothing and just stagnating. We think we are making speedy progress, but in fact we are moving slower then we think, because our awareness is lost in this illusion or Matrix (maya), which we feel is so real. The more absorbed we are in maya, the slower we move ahead – time still marches on ahead of us at the same speed.

If C=0, then so does E and M. For physicists time is marked by the speed of light. For Kriyabans it is marked by prana (the constant movement of subtle breath or Soul energy). When you go beyond “C” or prana, you will have escaped action and reaction (akarma), you will have lifted above maya and the trinity of Shiva, Vishnu and Brahma. All the techniques in Kriya are there to help the Kriyaban to the point where the technique itself is destroyed along with everything. When “ham” and “sa” come together, there is no up/down, no more humming or vibration. Everything is still, C=0, time has ceased to exist and is no longer relevant for the Kriyaban. At this point you are beyond time and therefore beyond material creation. This point is truly nothing (zero) and yet it is everything (infinity).

We say that you are the “bindu”, the infinitely small point!