Regarding Meditation with Kunjan

  • I have never worked so much, I am very productive
  • I feel more and more the need to not sweat the small stuff and to really concentrate on what now feels important to me: giving what I have to give and spending so little time as possible doing something that has no impact (or little) on the world
  • When I think of what I now do in a day compared to what I used to do two years ago for example, I feel really blessed to be so motivated and to find enough energy
  • I grant so much less importance to what people think of me and have much better thoughts about people than before
  • I am much less afraid to do some things
  • I am much more at ease with being who I am
  • People are nicer to me and I keep wondering why (it still surprises me)
  • I feel like I am coming back to myself, to what I was in the past. At the moment I think I am as I was when I was approximately 11 or 10 years old, which is great, because I was a better person back then.
  • I am much more straightforward: I tell things how they are and I am much less concerned about saying things. I feel more the need to express things than before.
  • I am more concerned about giving love to people, I smile more and I feel more at ease with them, I also grant much more importance to togetherness and to making people feel like I am with them


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