Regarding Meditation with Kunjan

Being a Hatha Yoga teacher, I have meditated for a long time. I felt that I needed a new input to progress further. I was immediately impressed by Kriya Meditation and its ability to guide me progressively deeper and deeper. It consistently brings me to those places that with other techniques I would accidentally stumble across. I feel that with every session I learn something more, and the experience continually deepens.

Meditation gives me the inner calm and strength to face life with all it’s ups and downs with a measure of equanimity. The storm may rage outside, but there is a place deep within that stays absolutely calm, untouched and peaceful.

Kunjan is a very kind and dedicated teacher. He’s always there to answer questions and support us in our practice. His way of teaching is clear, authentic and easy to understand, and I feel fortunate to learn from his long experience with Kriya.

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