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1st Kriya 45 Minute Guided Meditation v2.0 with Swami Shankarananda Giri - students will receive MP3 instead

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The MP3 version is provided to each student. There is no charge.

Please do not place an order if this condition does not apply to you. If you have learnt Kriya Meditation from someone outside of this lineage - there may be small differences from one lineage to another and in such cases, these CDs will be different to what you are practicing.

When ordering, be sure to state who taught you 1st Kriya. All orders will be verified to ensure that the buyer has learnt 1st Kriya from Swami Shankarananda Giri or one of his authorised teachers.

The CD is a high quality guided meditation lasting 45 minutes. To follow the CD, it is necessary to learn the technique fully from a teacher - the guided meditation assumes you know the technique.
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