Useful Links

Hatha Yoga Teachers

Manasi Gut – Lausanne area

Caroline Piot – Lausanne area

Massage Therapists

Maud Gallade – Massothérapeute ASCA/RME, Lausanne

Monique Dalgado – Massothérapeute ASCA/RME, Lausanne. 021 311 71 22

Ayurvedic Doctors

It’s really difficult to find “good” ayurvedic doctors. Over the last two years I visited five qualified doctors. None were consistent in their diagnoses and all were outrageous in the charges for the medications. Imagine being asked to pay USD 700 for 3 months worth of herbal supplies.  It turns out that in all cases the ayurvedic doctors owned part or all of the supply chain, so there is an incentive to sell, sell, sell.

I finally came across Yogeet Kapoor in Nyon, Switzerland.  I strongly recommend Yogeet.  He follows the ayurvedic tradition in it’s proper sense and having diagnosed you will recommend changes in your lifestyle first before recommending medications and more intensive treatments.