Kriya Technique

The teaching of Kriya Yoga Meditation is done gradually. It is sectioned into six stages referred to as First Kriya, Second Kriya and so on. The beginner starts with First Kriya. First Kriya is the root, the very foundation which allows for progress through the spiritual path for followers of any religion. It gives access to knowledge of the body, the Soul and the chakras. It allows for comprehension of the gross, the astral and the causal bodies. Later, after having practiced regularly over a period of time and achieved the necessary level of mastery, one can receive Second Kriya, and thus progress towards the higher Kriya levels. It’s best not to rush the early Kriya’s as they are foundational.

Describing Kriya Yoga in words has little meaning. A person may truly understand only through practice. If you wish to know what an apple is, a simple description is not enough. Take the fruit, touch it, taste it, then you will truly and immediately understand what an apple is. The same goes for Kriya Yoga Meditation.

Kriya practice is focused on the breath or prana. The practice does not depend on mantras, visualization etc. The breath is not held forcefully – neither with empty lungs nor full. Prana or breath exists at many different levels. When we refer to prana or breath the air that we inhale and exhale, we are in fact refering to the most unsubtle or gross form of prana. As we deepen our meditative practice we focus on increasingly subtle and finer forms of pranna or breath.

Progressing to subsequent levels is dependent on the level of meditative depth achieved not on intellectual understanding or duration of practice. Practicing Kriya, does not require that you follow a religion nor that you change your religion.

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