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Frequently Asked Questions

No. It takes many years, a few decades at least to reach the higher stages of meditation and even then only a few have the right aptitude to teach. Until then you would not be qualified to teach.

Please use the Contact Form to send your specific query. Receiving higher instruction is wholly dependent on the progress made which determines your capability to practice a higher technique. The readiness to receive a higher technique is checked in person.

Just learn and start practicing. Proper execution will change your life and make you a happier and more efficient and focused person. If you really are that busy, then you may be heading for health problems. Perhaps it’s time to take a step back and re-evaluate your options and priorities.

Yes, you can practice whenever you are not under the influence of any drugs or chemicals that alter ones normal state of awareness. If you are medically certified as having mental health issues, you may need frequent supervision and in some circumstances, meditation is not recommended. I make no moral or ethical judgement of my students; there is no need. Spirituality and practicing meditation is not based on some man made set of narrow ethical or moral constructs.

It is the search for one’s inner self, whilst understanding that the Self cannot be defined or described using man-made constructs.

It is not a mental activity e.g. Bible Study or memorising the Koran will lead you down a narrow “exclusive” emotional path, not a spiritual one. Eventually, blind emotional faith leads to either frustration or a fundamentalist and dogged acceptance of the emotional beliefs in an attempt to justify them.

True devotion is effortless and a state that has no involvement of the “mind”. It is also spontaneous and with full surrender.

Any other form of devotion is couched in mental and emotional constructs, requiring effort. It is based on expectation, whereas true devotion has no expectation.

Spirituality is “inclusive” and because of this harmony can become a pillar of your life. The experience of true spirituality is bliss.

Exploring spirituality, means probing the nature of existence and therefore the nature of “birth”, “death” and “re-birth”.

If you wish to truly understand the deepest teachings of your religion, yes, you should meditate!

Religion blindly and narrowly followed is a cult. You have delegated your power and authority to someone else or to a man-made idea. Spiritual progress is not possible under such circumstances.

Religion, practiced correctly can be a source of strength, understanding, empathy and humility. Religious prayer, however, is different from true prayer. The first requires effort and is emotional; the latter is spontaneous and couched in acceptance and humility.

On rare occasions, I will consider reductions for people who are financially distressed. This includes students and people on low incomes. Before asking for a reduction, please do be sure that you really are financially distressed …!