Common Questions and Answers

Do you have a teacher training course e.g. 200hr that I can attend?

Can I get certification to teach Kriya Yoga Meditation? This question props up with increasing frequency.

It takes many years, a few decades atleast to reach the higher stages of meditation and even then only a few have the right aptitude to teach. Until then you would not be qualified to teach.

I have learnt Kriya Yoga from someone else or another lineage. How may I receive higher instruction or clarification?

The answer here really depends on inidvidual circumstances. Please use the Contact Form to send your specific query. In general however, as there are differences between one Kriya Yoga lineage to another, you should seek clarification and further instruction within it.

At the same time, if you have reached a point where you feel you can no longer make any progress within your current group, then you should look elsewhere. Whats important is that you do not mix-n-match bits and pieces of techniques from here and there. That will most likely cause confusion and progress will suffer.

Receiving higher instruction is wholly dependent on the progress made which determines your capability to practice a higher technique. The readiness to receive a higher technique is checked in person.

How can I practice – I have no time, I am a busy business exec, I am busy housewife/husband or questions along these lines? First of all, if you are that busy, you are probably heading towards an early grave and/or possible family problems. In this case you need to get yourself back into a balanced mode of living.

Lets clear up two key points:

  • Typically, meditation can be practiced by anyone who can breathe and sit with a straight (but relaxed) spine. For those with medically certified mental problems, you must follow your medical protocol and if you still wish to meditate, contact me for advice.

  • You still have to balance all activities in your life. Good exercise, fresh air, healthy food, enough (not too much nor too little) sleep and a healthy, detached yet involved attitude are fundamentals of a healthy state of living.

First one learns the technique of meditation and this typically takes a day followed by some regular checks to ensure corrrect practice, answer questions etc. Then one should practice, but each practice should be with full determination and involvement – if you are already short of time, make each meditation count to it’s maximum.

After learning the technique, regular practice is essential. Like anything, the more effort you put in, the deeper the results. If you invest 5-10 minutes here and there, your results will also be superficial and haphazard. If you invest 45 minutes in one session, you can go much deeper and start to drink from a deeper more ancient well of tranquility. In other words, progress is a function of session length, frequency, technique and approach. Whatever your schedule, you need to balance these four within your schedule. This balancing will become more clear to you after you learn 1st Kriya. Of course, the real challenge is always maintaining practice which becomes easier the more you practice or after some suitable time.

If you are still not sure, just learn and start practicing. Proper execution will change your life and make you a happier person.

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